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Is it time to replace your pacifier clip?

Is it time to replace your pacifier clip?

Why are pacifier clips not toys?

A pacifier clip is a tool to keep pacifiers and teethers off the floor.

It’s not a toy or a teether.

Pacifier Clips contain small parts. The beads and the metal clip both qualify as small parts. The beads are secured with concealed knots and the clip contains four pieces in its construction.

We recommend replacing your clip every 2 months or earlier if you notice signs of wear. The 2 month timeline is recommended because the metal clip experiences wear and tear from being opened and closed on different materials and will lose its ability to stay firmly secured to clothing after this time. Sometimes this happens earlier, that’s why we instruct you to inspect the clip before each use and also only secure it to thin materials.

A pacifier clip is ONLY to be used when it is securely clipped to your little one’s clothes.

Safe Instructions for using a Pacifier Clip

  1. Before use, inspect your pacifier clip for signs of wear, like a loose clip that won’t stay secure or any indication of fraying. If you see this, dispose of the clip immediately.

  2. Secure the clip to thin clothing only. Using the clip on thick items will cause the clip to loosen over time, which makes it unsafe for use.

  3. When you clip it to clothing, make sure that there is a pacifier or teether looped around the other end, so that your little one doesn’t try to chew or play with the pacifier clip. Also ensure that the metal clip is securely fastened and away from the face.

  4. Only use the pacifier clip with direct adult supervision and never when the child is sleeping or unsupervised.

  5. Do not submerge the clip in hot water or place in the dishwasher or sanitizer. This will effect the integrity and safety of the pacifier clip.

  6. If you have a clip that is old or you’re not sure when you purchased it, we recommended replacing, disposing or storing it away as a keepsake item.

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