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Ontario Wood

Ontario Wood

There is so much quality wood in Ontario from White Pine to Hard Maple. We are passionate about making our wood rings, puzzles and toys with Ontario Wood, so we have partnered with the Ontario Wood program. When you see this logo, you’ll know the Ontario Wood product is:

  • sustainably grown and harvested in Ontario
  • made here in the province
  • high quality
  • supporting local communities and economies
  • what's best for the environment

Ontario is also a world leader in sustainable forest management, it's home to over 85 billion trees and we only harvest one-fifth of one percent annually. Sustainable forest management allows Ontario wood to meet the needs for forest products while preserving forest health and diversity for the future.

I used to treeplant in Northern Ontario, so I have an understanding of the strict requirements of logging companies and that they have to replace each tree harvested with three more. Those three trees also have to take root and each tree has to be planted within precise coordinates and a specific way to ensure it grows - the whole process is heavily inspected. 

By using local wood from Ontario, we know where it's coming from and that we're supporting a small, family owned mill. We're also lowering our carbon footprint. 

When you purchase our wood rattles or wood products, you're also supporting a sustainable, environmentally friendly choice. 

Shop everyone's favourite keepsake, make with Ontario Maple wood rings here. 



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